New Live In Deep Ellum CD is out

Reverend KM Williams’ new CD is out. This CD was recorded live at Bucky Moonshines in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX. It features his band: Jeff “Deacon” Stone on harmonica, the great Chuck “Popcorn” Louden on drums and Scott “Janky” Lindsey on bass. The entire CD is dedicated to the Dallas Police Department following the tragedy that befell the city of Dallas in July 2016. The Rev also has a song, “Love Ya City” that is written for and to the city of Dallas.

This CD is also the answer to all the fans that ask for a CD that sounds like The Rev at live jukes. The CD has 10 foot-stompin’, juke joint style songs.

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BluesRag New Spirituals CD Review

The world is taking notice of Reverend KM Williams efforts. The blues magazine BLUES RAG recently did a review of The New Spirituals CD that is spot on.

“Blessed with the triumphant force of his hardened voice and a guitar with a very voluble nasty streak, the 59-year-old Texan’s presentation is judiciously unbridled and supremely rhythmic. Sort of like a holy John Lee Hooker or a sanctified R.L. Burnside, foot stomp and all.”

Check it out…

 CD Review

Get the New Reverend KM Williams CD now.

The New Spirituals CD is available for purchase physically, digitally and streaming.

This 10 song CD was recorded in a solo setting much like many John Lee Hooker releases. New Spirituals finds Reverend KM Williams stripped down to just guitar, voice and a stomp box. You can close your eyes and imagine sitting next to the Rev on an old church porch as he bleeds out these great songs. Just breath it in.



New Spirituals CD out soon

Reverend KM Williams has been in the studio and finished a new CD to be out soon. New Spirituals contains 10 songs in a solo artist approach much like older John Lee Hooker recordings.

It has a very natural/personal sound.

The CD highlight, Momma Seddie,  is a song Reverend KM Williams wrote for his late mother.